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pitru dosha

Pitra Dosh– In contrast to the misconception of it being the curse from forefathers, Pitra Dosh is actually a karmic debt of the ancestors. It is reflected in the Kundli in a form of malefic planetary combinations and is to be paid by the person having Pitra dosha in his Kundli. To put it simply, Pitra dosh is formed in a person’s horoscope, when his/her ancestors have committed some sin or mistake. So, in exchange for that, the native is held accountable to pay for the wrongdoings of their forefather’s past deeds by going through various punishments. Presence of Pitra Dosha in one’s horoscope may bring about some inevitable and unexpected hardships in the native’s life. It causes severe ups and downs in one’s lifespan. The native tends to suffer from a lack of mental decisiveness and money.

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what to expect

₹ 7,999

₹ 14,999

₹ 29,999

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